Indigenous Framework for Innovation and Technology (IFIT)

The Indigenous Framework for Innovation and Technology is a first of its kind roadmap for Indigenous communities, government, industry, and other members of the technology ecosystem to coordinate a comprehensive and collaborative approach to achieving digital equity, technological advancement, and economic reconciliation for Indigenous people in British Columbia.

The foundational elements of the IFIT were co-created by community members who participated in one of eight regional engagement sessions held across BC in the Fall of 2018. Discussions, survey questions and breakout activities were focused on a how nations envision technology supporting self-determination. Breakout activities with session participants were designed to unearth regional-based priorities and challenges for the advancement and utilization of digital and connected technologies in Indigenous communities.

We know that many Indigenous communities are without equitable, affordable or sustainable access to internet connectivity. This reality was emphatically confirmed through our regional engagements as a barrier to economic development, training opportunities and efficiency and effectiveness of various governance initiatives. We also know that provincial and federal investments towards connecting Indigenous communities in BC, managed by the All Nations Trust Company (totaling $59.6 million dating back to 2009), is not sufficient to connect all 203 Indigenous communities.

Our team is holding ongoing discussions with BC and Canada on how the IFIT can expedite the critical investment needed to achieve digital equity in the province while providing Nations with the information they need to advance and utilize digital and connected technologies based on their own unique challenges and priorities.


Reid Skelton-Morvin Co-founder, Northern Online Results Some of the challenges that I see that hold back economic development and entrepreneurship is access to a lot of the tech, the trends and the strategies. I know the north is fairly behind when it comes to a lot of this modern technology and ways and forms of communication. We found that it’s a service that’s needed. However, it’s challenging for us to scale up here because we don’t have many individuals who are trained or experienced… This kind of stuff being brought to the north is super beneficial and it can really kick off the economy. Darren Edgar Deputy Chief, Kitasoo Band Technology is the wave that's come. If we don't do anything it’s going to leave us behind. So we’ve got to get more involved and I think that's what’s happening… This is an opportunity to have a First Nations technology company whether it’s through telecommunications or what have you, there are so many opportunities coming. Slide