Our flagship education program Foundations and Futures in Innovation and Technology (FiT) has been designed as a comprehensive digital skills learning journey. FiT guides students on a path from entry level-certification to advanced training and work experience opportunities in the technology sector. These programs are creating a network of Indigenous innovators equipped with the skills required for the digital economy.

FiT is broken up into two levels: Foundations and Futures. Foundations is our entry-level exploratory program, and Futures is our advanced, career-oriented programs.

We know that starting a new career or changing careers can be intimidating. That’s why our team works to support students from the first time they contact us to their first job in the industry. Our program coordinators are available to answer student questions, assist with application, supporting students during their program and finding that first job.


The following student supports are available through application:

• Tuition
• Living allowance (Rent, relocation, travel, food, and daycare are eligible expenditures)
• Digital Elder-in-Residence

Foundations in
Innovation and Technology

Curriculum for our Foundations program has been developed by our own Indigenous education specialists alongside technical subject matter experts. This ensures a culturally-safe experience for students at the beginning of their digital learning journey.

Futures in
Innovation and Technology

Futures programs are developed and delivered by our industry and post-secondary partners. We provide financial, cultural and personal supports to our students as they go through their studies with our partners. We work closely with our partners to ensure that Indigenous students feel welcome and are put in a position to succeed.

Community Hosts

Interested in hosting our Foundations program in your community? Contact us for more information: [email protected]


Marina Galay-Bott Futures in Innovation & Technology grad – Digital Marketing I think it is highly important for Indigenous people to enter the tech industry, especially now, as there are so many opportunities to have our voices heard in an industry that is leading the future. The tech industry is highly innovative and ever-changing, as such, I believe it is important to have people from all backgrounds share their ideas, but especially the holistic way of thinking that comes from Indigenous teachings and backgrounds. Samantha Nock Metis, Futures in Innovation & Technology grad I think it's important for more Indigenous peoples to enter this field because we have so many amazing and bright community members that can enter this field and create new and helpful apps and software. We have the capacity in our communities for an Indigenous tech takeover and I'm here for it. Darren Edgar Deputy Chief, Kitasoo Band Technology is the wave that's come. If we don't do anything it’s going to leave us behind. So we’ve got to get more involved and I think that's what’s happening… This is an opportunity to have a First Nations technology company whether it’s through telecommunications or what have you, there are so many opportunities coming.