Do I work for FNTC or NVIT?

Instructors for the Foundations program contract directly with NVIT. This means that your work contact, information and payment are processed with NVIT. Business contracts vs. employment opportunities can be explored with NVIT.

While the contract is not with Technology Council, we are creating an instructor body within this program. Instructors work very closely with the Technology Council team in terms of:

1. Curriculum and delivery

2. Being a representative of the Technology Council and our programs, as well as accountability to Technology Council codes of conduct

3. Student supports (attendance, career planning and student feedback) – there is almost daily communication with the Technology Council team

4. Instructor supports – we are here to support you in delivering the highest quality learning opportunity to our students

5. Participation in planning and feedback sessions with our skills team

6. Obtaining scheduling and course assignments.

What is the time commitment?

Over the next two years we will deliver to 18 cohorts of the Foundations program with six modules for each cohort. This is a total of 108 instruction weeks. Our relationships with instructors can take either of the following forms:

1. Dedicated booking relationship – instructors are committed to delivering a number of modules over the course of the two years. Our team will work with you to determine breaks that fit your schedule, but there is a high level of commitment in reserving your time for this program.

2. Occasional booking relationship – instructors are interested in participating in this initiative but have a lower commitment to bookings. Instructors can identify the amount they are interested in being booked, allowing for a lighter work and travel schedule. These instructors are still expected to participate in the broader instructor body activities, such as training and team calls, to ensure alignment in the instruction of the program.

Do I need to be able to teach all modules?

No – if you are interested in teaching just one module or all six, we will work with you to assign you modules that fit your skill set.

Do I need to be an expert in the skill area?

The Foundations program is introductory in nature and designed to provide students with a skills exploration. The content of the course is not complex or advanced. The delivery will ensure the best student experience, while achieving the learning outcomes. This is done through the ability to contextualize course content with relevant examples and the ability to problem solve and answer student questions. We are introducing students to technology topics and providing an opportunity for learners to explore their interest in pursuing technology fields.

Will I be expected to travel?

Yes – in person Foundations cohorts are delivered all across BC. You will be expected to be at a training location for a total of two weeks for the module. Travel is booked and paid for through NVIT. This includes all transportation and accommodation costs and excludes meal costs.

Do you have the schedule for the next two years?

We have a draft delivery schedule and are currently building relationships with communities across BC for bookings. This schedule is in progress and will be made available to instructors once finalized and we have locations set. Dates will be subject to change, but our commitment to instructors is a large amount of lead up time for planning. We just completed two deliveries in BC and have a third on in session now.

What support will I receive from the Technology Council?

Our commitment to both students, staff and instructors is to deliver a comprehensive training program. While each cohort will have multiple instructors, we are seeking to deliver a program that puts students first and part of this is ensuring communication and synergy across the team. Supports you can expect to receive from us:

1. Communication around booking

2. Support in the coordination of contracting through NVIT

3. Daily access to the Skills team staff through email, Slack and phone to support on classroom dynamics and student participation.

4. Larger professional development in terms of expectations for the delivery of this program in Indigenous communities.

5. All course materials including presentations, activities, rubric, syllabus, grading guide.

Is this program delivered in-person or online?

By summer of 2019, this program will be available both in person and online. The specifics of this postings relate to the in-person deliveries only. As we launch the online program, further instructing opportunities will become available.

What are the classroom hours?

Each module is two weeks in length and classes generally run from 9:00am-3:00pm. This schedule will depend on the training location and the request of our host partner.

Will I receive materials to deliver the course?

Yes, prior to delivery, the Technology Council will provide you with all course materials and administrative pieces to meet compliance requirements for the course through NVIT. Additionally, an instructor laptop will be available to deliver the course as this is a PC based curriculum.

How do I know if I am a fit for this program?

Welcome to the Movement

We envision a thriving ecosystem of Indigenous entrepreneurs, innovators and self-governing communities that blends new tools with traditional knowledge. By partnering with technology companies, the provincial and federal government and many educational institutes, we are ensuring that all 203 BC First Nations have equal access to broadband connectivity and digital skills. Together we are empowering Indigenous people with the tools and certifications they need to launch successful careers and build sustainable economies that fit the needs of their nations.

How do I apply?

Is there somewhere I can contact to learn more about this opportunity?