Lauren Kelly

Director, Sector Transformation

As the Director of Sector Transformation, Lauren is responsible for overseeing the Technology Council’s work designed to transform and disrupt the status quo of economic sectors including the technology and innovation sector to make space for Indigenous peoples, worldviews and leadership. Lauren convenes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations, skills and training service providers, academia, government agencies and industry partners across the province to ensure the broad reach, participation and representation for this work.

Lauren received a Master’s degree in Indigenous Governance from the University of Victoria, where her studies focused on the role of a settler ally in the Indigenous rights movement and looks forward to bringing this critical discourse around colonialism, aspiring allyship and responsibility in reconciliation to key conversations with industry partners seeking to participate meaningfully in tangible and measurable reconciliation.

Lauren is honoured to be a part of the First Nations Technology Council as an aspiring ally and to participate in the Technology Council’s work to support Indigenous self-determination.