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The First Nations in BC Knowledge Network is a hub for First Nations in the province to share ideas, tools and best practices on many aspects of governance and community development.

The First Nations in BC Knowledge Network was developed by the First Nations Technology Council with generous support from the New Relationship Trust and the valued input of many organizations and First Nations in BC.

The Technology Council’s vision is for the First Nations in BC Knowledge Network to be an accessible and engaging platform that fosters the sharing of knowledge and facilitates networking amongst First Nations individuals, communities and organizations.


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The First Nations in BC Knowledge Network is an accessible, centralized database that hosts content by and for First Nations in BC. With over 4,700 members and 140k visits to the site each year, advertising is a great opportunity to be visible and promote your organization to a large and actively engaged First Nations audience.

We have a number of advertising spaces available on the site. Rates and more information are available here:

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In addition to advertising spaces, there are opportunities to promote jobs, events and funding opportunities. If you are interested in purchasing advertising space or listings (jobs, events), please get in touch with our team.

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First Nations Technology Council - COVID 19

Technology is more important than ever to Indigenous peoples. We need access to stay informed, connected and supported. In BC, the majority of First Nations communities don’t have the access required to utilize online platforms that most Canadians are relying on during COVID-19.

We want to hear from you today so that we can collectively advocate for better access to technology now! By answering these questions and sharing your opinion, you will help us to make clear asks to all levels of government and industry in the pursuit of closing the digital divide in this time of crisis. Thank you for participating and making your voice heard.

Please stay healthy. Sending you and your family all my best,