Robyn Grebliunas | Manager of Curriculum

Robyn is known for her wealth of experience developing and delivering Indigenous curriculum across BC. She is grateful for her many years as an instructor with Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT), delivering courses both on campus and in community education. Robyn’s education philosophy is of traditional grass roots learning, which is a belief in two-way learning where the teacher and the learner are both a teacher and learner. Robyn believes that planting a seed of knowledge in one mind can create generational change, and that planting seeds of knowledge in many minds can have a global impact.

Along with extensive experience in Indigenous education, Robyn is a successful entrepreneur with many years experience as a communications specialist. She is also a dreamer and a writer, currently co-writing a TV series and a creative coaching guide for change. Along with writing, Robyn loves fresh air, biking, kayaking and being a Mom (not in that order).

Robyn earned an MA in Professional Communications from Royal Roads University in 2018, where her research focused on relationship building in digital communications. Through a self-study of five of her business clients, Robyn’s research draws conclusion that traditional communication of face to face (F2F) and voice to voice (V2V), are required elements of building communication efficacy in the digital era. From this research she designed a communication framework.

While Robyn is proud of her achievements at university, she is most grateful for the teachings of Felix, Pearl, Margaret, and Bernice – the Elder’s Council who guided and shaped her work in Indigenous education.