Why Technology?

We believe that technology is not only a great career option, but can support and underpin many aspects of Indigenous self-determination and nationhood. That’s why our education programs have been designed with the needs of both Indigenous communities and technology companies in mind.

From economic development and territory stewardship to band administration, telehealth and language revitalization apps, technology is a powerful tool that can be used in many areas of development and empowerment in our communities. We envision our grads not only finding rewarding careers in the technology sector, but also returning home to support the digital needs of their Nations.

At the same time as the needs of Indigenous Nations are becoming increasingly digital, the technology sector is the fastest growing sector in Canada. We are working to ensure that Indigenous peoples are fully participating and leading in the technology sector because we see the potential of BC’s fastest growing industry as playing an integral role in advancing economic reconciliation. The highlights of the tech sector are as followed:


Employing more than 100,000 people across more than 10,000 companies, BC’s technology sector contributes nearly $15 Billion annually to the provincial economy.


With rapid growth comes a talent crunch. The BC tech sector will face a shortage of digitally-skilled talent totaling up to 30,500 by 2021 – that’s more than 30,000 high-quality jobs left on the table due to insufficient talent supply.


The BC tech sector also employs more people than forestry, mining, oil and gas combined, while offering an average salary that is 85% higher than the BC average.


Approximately 30% of supply will need to come from local resources. In addition to new grads and skilled immigrants, BC’s tech sector will need to boost the representation of groups traditionally underrepresented in the tech sector, like Indigenous peoples.


In 2018, employment of technology professionals in Canada outpaced employment of other occupations by a rate of 6:1 – this is the most substantial growth of digital talent we have witnessed over the last 15 years.

This means there is extra effort being made by technology companies, government bodies and organizations like ours to create opportunities for Indigenous people to thrive in the emerging digital economy. Check out our education programs to see if you or someone you know is ready to gain the skills to join a growing Indigenous innovation ecosystem!