First Nations Technology Council announces partnership with digital learning company BrainStation

The First Nations Technology Council is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with BrainStation that will see Indigenous students succeed in fields such as data science, web development and UX/ UI design. Through the Futures in Innovation and Technology program, 12 seats each year will be held for Indigenous students across all BrainStation programs.…

Indigenous people seeking digital equity as BC enshrines UN Declaration into provincial law

The First Nations Technology Council applauds the BC Government for becoming the first province in Canada to enshrine the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People into legislation. Bill 41, the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples act, is a major milestone on the path to reconciliation with Indigenous people in BC in…

How drone technologies can support Indigenous land stewardship

Drone technologies have the potential to significantly support Indigenous land stewardship. These flying robots are being used around the world to collect high-resolution remote sensing data of lands and waters. The First Nations Technology Council is excited to announce the launch of our Drone Stewardship Program! This is the first program to offer training in the…

How closing the digital divide can help Indigenous people assert self-determination

My great-grandfather, Johnny David, wore many hats in our Indigenous nation. He carried the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief name Mikhlikhlekh. He was a traditional medicine man, hunter, and trapper. And, whenever the Wet’suwet’en hosted a potlatch, he travelled to neighbouring nations to invite their leaders to attend. He used the technology of his time—the grease trails,…

The Wisdom of Indigenous Innovation: “The Knowledge is in our DNA”

By Denise Williams, CEO of the First Nations Technology Council. Nearly every day, from student strikes to the challenges of cutting emissions, climate change is in the news. With this coverage, we hear about the growing importance of preserving our natural world. At the same time, people in the tech industry talk endlessly about the discipline of innovation:…

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First Nations Technology Council - COVID 19

Technology is more important than ever to Indigenous peoples. We need access to stay informed, connected and supported. In BC, the majority of First Nations communities don’t have the access required to utilize online platforms that most Canadians are relying on during COVID-19.

We want to hear from you today so that we can collectively advocate for better access to technology now! By answering these questions and sharing your opinion, you will help us to make clear asks to all levels of government and industry in the pursuit of closing the digital divide in this time of crisis. Thank you for participating and making your voice heard.

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