GIS / GPS Mapping

Next Cohort: February 1 – March 26, 2021

Apply by January 8, 2021, by filling out an inquiry form. 


This program offers an in-depth level of education in Global Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems technologies. It is intended to take you to a level of understanding in the subject for an entry level job within communities, government, industry and organizations.

The program’s six sections include the essentials of using GIS to create maps, gather data, perform analysis and understand how databases are used within a GIS. You will also examine how GIS is used by First Nations to manage critical information. A major project of your design will be required to be completed during the program.

Skills Include:

GIS Analysis

GPS Technologies


Shapefiles and Geodatabases

Traditional Use Studies

Program offered at:

Length: 8 weeks, full-time.
Next Intake: February 1 – March 26, 2021.
Apply by: January  8, 2021.
Location: Online
Program Outline: GIS/ GPS Futures Program